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“YogaMe keeps my back pain away”

“YogaMe keeps my back pain away”

Maria, 41, exercised actively until back pain made her search for new ways to look after herself. That’s how YogaMe became a part of Maria’s life.

How did you learn about YogaMe?

I used to exercise a lot until spinal disc injury. After that, I started doing yoga here in Finland but then had to go on a business trip to Romania, where I didn’t have a chance to go to classes. My colleague told me about YogaMe – and got me hooked instantly! As I didn’t have much else to do in the hotel room, I started practicing with YogaMe every morning and evening. My 2-week business trip coincided with YogaMe’s 2-week free trial, which also helped me build a lasting routine.

I can honestly say that during my break from exercise, YogaMe helped me stay sane… Now I can do sports normally again, about 3 to 5 times a week, and YogaMe helps me keep my back healthy.

What other kind of help does YogaMe offer?

I’ve noticed that the exercises relieve tension not only in my lower back but also in my hamstrings. They also improve my overall condition, removing headaches etc. In the mornings they help me activate my spine – and ward off those spinal disc issues!

How do you use YogaMe?

I usually practice with the longer programs lasting about 15 to 20 minutes (I wish YogaMe had even more of them – a hint!) Sometimes I use one of the 7-minute programs. My back tells me when it’s time to practice.

I also create my own exercises out of the positions I like the best. Unfortunately the devices I use cause some problems in that respect.* What comes to the longer programs, I regularly use them all: back, neck, easy energizer, evening and morning sequences…

Who would you recommend YogaMe to?

Everyone – but especially those with desk jobs. My job involves both working at the computer and moving around. I try to stand as often as I can when working at the computer, and luckily the desks at my workplace are adjustable desks.

Your greetings to the YogaMe team?

Could you create a short new program for runners and other athletes who need to stretch their hamstrings and buttocks? That would be awesome!

Maria’s picture: Paul Mare

This exercise does wonders to your back.  Give it a go or start with our other back exercises!

Practice tips:

It’s easy to practice with YogaMe. Just watch our short tutorial and alternate between these three ways:

  1. Your unique daily exercise. Each day YogaMe creates a unique exercise for you, based on your level and exercise history. You can see this exercise on the main page. By doing the daily exercises you will level up and earn access to new yoga positions.
  2. Programs with special focus. YogaMe has programs for your different needs: back, headache and so on. To practice, go to the Menu – Exercise Library (on the left side of the main page), or move to the right side of the main page.
  3. Custom exercises. Create your own program out of your favourite positions! Remember that you can get access to new positions by doing the daily exercises.


* To make sure YogaMe serves you in the best possible way, use Chrome or Safari as your browser. Smart phones should be using iOS or Android.

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