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The new era of workplace wellbeing: short exercises that change our idea of hurry

We at YogaMe are specialized in helping workplaces enhance their employees’ mental skills, work spirit and time management. YogaMe helps control stress and tension and gain more power and balance. More wellbeing – happier and more productive employees!

Stressed people are 50% more often sick than others

Work-related neck and upper limb musculoskeletal disorders: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

78% stress and anxiety relieved by yoga

American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress, NY

Daily exercise breaks increase time management by 72% and social and personal performance by 79%

Bristol University, Department of Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences.

82% of YogaMe users reported better neck and shoulders

YogaMe user study

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YogaMe reduces stress and tension, while increasing strength and balance

We help your employees to focus, calm down and feel better. Yoga strengthens the mind/body connection in a unique way. Movement becomes integrated with the breath, and one becomes more aware, focused and balanced in life. It’s worth a try!

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More health and wellbeing

Mental skills help you function in stressful situations and focus on what’s essential. Our exercises are based on the techniques of yoga and mindfulness. Daily practise will become a habit, and so will healthy breaks. YogaMe activates even those who don’t do sports actively. Two 7-minute exercises in a day correspond to two workouts per week.

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Solutions for problems caused by stress and musculoskeletal disorders

Exercise is key to preventing sickness leaves, as musculoskeletal diseases are the main causes for long-term absenteeism and disability pensions. For the price of one sick day (an average of 350€), your workplace can get two coaching sessions from us! Investing in prevention pays itself back many times. Our services and online program are focused on solving these very problems.

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