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What kind of a yoga event or happening would you like to organize?

We know how to make your guests happy, if they wish to do some yoga, calm down and recharge. From single events to year-round cooperation, the choice is yours!

Whether you are looking for short breaks, whole day nature yoga or mind/body workshops, turn to us. Say yes to more joy, energy, wellbeing and commitment in your recreation days and meetings!

In cooperation with hotels and event organizers

We produce various happenings for the travel and event sector. Can you find yours from below? Contact us and let’s create an unforgettable event for you!

Yoga Events for Workplaces and Offices

Naantali Spa Yoga Clinic

We produce tailor-made workshops for mind/body balance with special themes. Would you like to offer your guests tools for a healthy back or some other important issue? Let’s plan it together, contact us.

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Hotel Indigo Bulevard: Yoga moments on a hotel room TV

Travelling days are long, static and typically cause jetlag. Yoga videos on the hotel room TV help customers relax, recharge and sleep better. Two simple and short exercises are available for Hotel Indigo Bulevardi customers: yoga and meditation.

We produce yoga videos for the needs of your customers, to be enjoyed for example via a hotel room TV or in your gym premises. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

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4Event: Small breaks for events

YogaMe Mini-break is one of the events we produce for 4Event. A Mini-break only takes 5 minutes and can be enjoyed several times during a meeting day or other event.

Yoga breaks bring joy, holistic wellbeing and creativity to your events. Minds open up to new possibilities. Members of the audience become active participants.

YogaMe exercises can be projected on a large screen, which enables guests to practice whenever convenient during the day. Each guest is also given a link to the program, allowing them to practice via their smart phones or laptops. So, breaks can also be held independently and in smaller groups.

Workout clothes aren’t needed. Exercises suit everybody and can be done in auditoriums or seminar/meeting rooms. Each guest is offered a sign up code leading to an exercise that has been customized according to your wishes.

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