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A unique combination of on-site and online yoga coaching

Better focus, mental skills and regular breaks build up spirit and productivity at work. We will help you find the ways to do it at your workplace. You get the whole package from auditing and piloting to implementation. Our online program supports employees daily. Yoga releases stress and gives energy to everyday life!

Personalized and motivating

YogaMe offers employees a new, personalized exercise each time, gently challenging them to reach higher levels. Everyone can enjoy feeling healthier with YogaMe – even those who don’t do sports actively.

Solution to sedentary life

Reducing sitting time at the workplace is simpler than ever with YogaMe – an easy-to-use and effective mobile tool.

Proven effect

The exercises take only about 5 minutes, but have many concrete benefits: 82% of YogaMe users report having better neck and shoulders. Studies suggest that yoga is an effective way of relieving stress at the workplace.*

Cost savings

YogaMe is a mobile web service uniting yoga and workplace wellbeing. The short exercises are proven to reduce muscle tension and increase energy, focus and stress tolerance. YogaMe offers a powerful tool for employers who want to avoid costs due to ill health and absenteeism.

Let us know how we can help at your workplace!


We’d be glad to visit you or tell you more in a 15-minute remote meeting.


More energy and mental skills, in a way that suits your workplace


Wellbeing consists of many parts: work-life balance, nutrition, exercise, sleep. Work tasks as well as the size and culture of the workplace also affect the solution we suggest for you.


The habits and practices we create build up mental skills, energy and focus, in ways that best suit your workplace’s needs.


The online program helps even during the most hectic days. Our implementation program is sure to engage everyone!

Follow-up and support

We offer monthly reports and support campaigns to keep up the good work.

Does your workplace make the most out of short breaks?

YogaMe online program helps when you need a break: You get to the exercises by just logging in to your personal account. YogaMe is a mobile web app that works when and where you need. It’s ideal for vitalization and relaxation during the workday. The exercises have been planned for sedentary work, offering effective help for stress control and muscle tension.

  • Unique for everyone: Each exercise is tailored to answer the user’s individual needs. Smart, gamified features ensure the user stays inspired and always gets an exercise that fits his or her current skills and preferences.
  • Use anytime, anywhere: With a computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Implementation support: We help you get started and offer an implementation plan ensuring you get the best possible benefits from YogaMe.
  • User support: Constant user support, both technical and related to actual practice.
  • Monitoring: Our common goal is to create a new habit – small, healthy breaks. We offer follow-up and reports on user commitment and amounts.