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Listen to the sound of life

Listen to the sound of life

During this autumn on YogaMe, we have already talked about the importance of enjoying what you do and dedicating time for your passion. This week it’s time to practise and give a thought on something new again.

You know how hard it is sometimes to accept things you cannot change? You cannot make the traffic jam vanish in front of your car or your newborn baby sleep when it suits you.

Yoga teaches us to accept the world as it is. Everything is constantly changing, so all we have is this moment – until that, too, is gone. Trying to control all of life is a waste of energy.

Some people easily feel the world is at a conspiracy against them and their plans. When you let go of your need for control, you start seeing fewer threats around you and more possibilities. The newborn isn’t aware of your plans to have a cup of coffee in peace, it just is. The same thing applies to the world around you. In all its incompleteness, the world is already perfect as it is.

It’s important not to get too attached to what you want. If your gaze is only fixed on getting that promotion, you may miss other wonderful opportunities around you. Move along in the flow of life and open your senses to all the greatness it brings your way.

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