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Time for yourself

There are many little breaks in our days. When we are waiting for the computer to start or our colleague to join us for lunch. Or for the bus to arrive, children to get dressed, coffee to get ready. We consider these small breaks as chances of renewal and restoring balance. A yoga break is a way to make the most out these passing moments.

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A small break keeps you grounded and energetic

YogaMe sovellus tarjoaa joogaa ja mindfulnessia älypuhelimille
Breaks make miracles

Create a new, healthy habit and start taking regular breaks. They clear your thoughts and help manage your time. We have been thinking about your days when planning these exercises. They are for mind and body ‚Äď just take a deep breath and start.

Always new and unique exercises

We support your breaks and practice both during work and time off. Exercises are short and simple with clear instructions, allowing you to feel better through the day. Two 7-minute exercises in a day correspond to two workouts per week.

Get creative

Try the longer exercises for headache, better sleep and healthy back. Or build your own sequences. You get more poses as you progress from level to another. Share your DIY sequences to your friends!

Easy start, watch the short tutorial:

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YogaMe is perfect for workplaces, too

Even a meeting becomes more efficient when it is started with a moment of concentration.