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Bringing yoga to you


YogaMe has been strongly influenced by the pioneering work of Yoga School Pune in improving workplace wellbeing through Iyengar Yoga. After realizing how helpful yoga can be in people’s daily lives, I began teaching it at workplaces and various events. I also started making yoga DVDs and teaching yoga remotely online.

Through YogaMe in 2012, I found a way to bring yoga to people when and where they need it.”


“I have designed all YogaMe exercises with your needs in mind, with experience I continue to gain by teaching yoga in Finland and also other countries.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible do yoga and feel better. Through YogaMe, we can invite you to join in no matter where you are!”

We’re here to help

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need help, my team and I will take care of you. Also don’t hesitate to ask about our personalised programmes, or participate in our workshops.

With YogaMe, you’ll always be in safe and caring hands. Welcome to share the joy of yoga with me and the entire YogaMe community!

Jenny Lauronen, the founder of yogame



Teacher training in the Iyengar yoga tradition takes several years. The yoga style is gentle and dynamic. It focuses on restoring the balance between body and mind. When poses are done in a precise and focused manner, mind is able to settle.

Our passion is to make yoga available for everyone.

Start your daily moments of yoga with us today! Take a deep breath, relax, stretch and renew yourself. We’d feel honored to help.