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Seize the small moments of your day!

Create time for yourself and practise with us. Get more energy and focus. Start yoga online now, it’s Free!

Joogan harrastaminen onnistuu kätevästi netissä
Quick start

You can even practise at your desk, if you like. No yoga mat or extra space is needed.

Lyhyet joogatauot parantavat työhyvinvointia
Always new, always unique

Each yoga exercise is fresh and tailored especially for you. Move from level to another at your own pace.

Ota aikaa itsellesi ja keskity tuntemuksiisi
Enjoy feeling relaxed and energized

Energy boost and clearer thoughts in just a few minutes!

Get inspired and progress in yoga with your unique YogaMe.

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YogaMe plans each exercise for you based on your previous selections and preferences. The more you practise, the higher you move in the levels – and get new exercises! Our weekly themes lead you to the heart of inspiration and balance.

Moments for mind and body

Notice the small moments of your day. Get grounded with quick exercises. Enjoy getting energy and focus whenever you need. Learn more about yoga each time.

Start your free yoga moments!

Small breaks make big miracles

There are so many things to do, so many good habits to learn that we often become confused, to the point where we don’t start at all.

This is what we recommend: pick something fun and easy. One thing.


YogaMe brings you back to the present moment. Yoga not only develops your physical balance but also makes you feel serene on the inside.


YogaMe is your simple tool for reducing sitting time. 82% of YogaMe users report having better neck and shoulders.


Yoga calms you down and protects you from feeling stressed. YogaMe helps you focus and keep your mind clear, which improves your memory.


YogaMe offers you what you need: sequences tailor-made for your skills and needs. Before bedtime, it helps you soothe your nervous system, empty your mind and sleep better.

YogaMe community is growing

Heidi Wetterstrand

Yogame is easy to use. I can access it on my phone anywhere.

Heidi Wetterstrand

Maarit Korhonen

The exercises are easy to follow and the explanations are short. You get straight to the exercises.

Maarit Korhonen

Pekka Lamberg

My posture has improved. I now have more strength, I find it easier to move and I have better control of my body.

Pekka Lamberg

Anna-Kaisa Jätinvuori

A moment to myself! With such little effort, I feel well and refreshed.

Anna-Kaisa Jätinvuori

Free Online yoga

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Yoga strengthens the mind/body connection in a unique way. Movement becomes integrated with the breath, and you become more aware, focused and balanced in life. It’s worth a try!

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Moments of balance online, whenever you need


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For you

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